VIDEO - Mastering Maintenance: Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration costs can make up a pretty big part of your energy bills. That’s why it’s cool to create a maintenance plan to keep things running efficiently and effectively. A good plan is closer than you think. The key is to be diligent in four main areas.


1. Certify that seals are stopping air infiltration

Be sure to check and replace door gaskets; they should be clean and pliable. Use an infrared camera to check for air infiltration and adjust or replace gaskets and sweep alignments as needed.


2. Hold your hinges to a higher standard

Adjust your top and center door hinges when needed and be sure to lubricate them annually. Don’t forget to verify that automatic door closers are operating in the proper fashion. These steps will reduce wear and tear and keep in that cold air.


3. Clean coils and keep lines clear

Cleaning evaporator and condenser coils will greatly improve the efficiency of your unit and could improve performance if done regularly. Be sure that all paths are clear and the evaporator drain lines are open.


4. Check the refrigerant charge

Refrigerant loss can lead to issues like decreased performance, longer cycles and problematic operation.

Don’t get cold feet when it comes to putting your plan in action. Refresh your refrigerators and freezers regularly with a masterful maintenance plan.