VIDEO - Expert's Desk: Taking on Color Temperature

What is color temperature and why should it matter to you? An LED lighting upgrade comes with many benefits, but it’s also a big investment. LEDs last a long time. It’s important to select the right light for your application and color temperature plays a significant role in that decision.


Shedding light on color temperature

When you’re upgrading the lighting in your facility, you can get white LED bulbs in color temperatures that range from 2700 Kelvin (K), or warm white, to 7500 K, or cool white. The temperature that’s right for your application depends on what you want to do with the space.

In a dining room, you may want warmer light. Warmer light offers less detail, but a more relaxing ambiance. In meeting rooms, consider cooler light. Studies have shown that reading performance improves with daylight. Manufacturing facilities also benefit from cooler light that helps workers see better to perform visually oriented tasks. In fact, lighting upgrades have been shown to reduce workplace accidents.

Light output is independent of color temperature. So you can have whatever level of brightness you need at any color temperature you want. The right lighting can help you, your staff and customers get the best experience possible.