VIDEO: 4 Goals of a Business Energy Audit

There are a variety of ways your business could benefit from an energy audit. In this video, a certified energy manager and one of his clients look at four of the goals a business might have when having their facility audited.

1. Justify financial investment. An energy audit can help a business compare the financial impacts of different projects or compare proposed energy improvements to other investments.

2. Obtain tax benefits. A business might want to ensure that they get tax advantages from a project beyond just energy savings, such as qualifying for local, state or federal programs.

3. Efficient building operation. An audit can help facility managers identify opportunities for improvement to make sure that HVAC and other systems are running as efficiently as possible.

4. Reduce energy costs. Ultimately, an energy audit can help a business save money, by identifying performance improvements, helping qualify for grants or other funding, or just by reducing energy bills.