Multifamily Energy Efficiency: The Low-Hanging Fruit

Efficiency upgrades can save you money and enhance the value of your properties. However, big improvement projects often require a lot of time and significant upfront costs. Fortunately, there are a variety of “low-hanging fruit,” or energy-saving measures that can reduce your energy costs while fitting easily into your schedule and your budget.


LED bulbs

Upgrade incandescent and fluorescent lighting inside and outside your buildings to LEDs. LEDs are more energy efficient and they last much longer — reducing the time and cost to replace them. LEDs also provide vivid, high quality light, making your properties stand out and improving safety for residents.


Water-efficient fixtures

A 10-minute shower results in up to 25 gallons of hot water going down the drain, adding to energy and water bills. Low-flow showerheads are designed to use 30% less water than standard models. Installing faucet aerators in restrooms and other common areas can also reduce your energy and water bills.


Air sealing

Gaps and cracks in doors and windows wastes energy and reduces comfort in resident apartments and common areas alike. Close gaps around doors with weatherstripping and seal windows with caulk. You’ll see lower energy bills and less comfort complaints from tenants.


Wi-Fi thermostats

Adjusting building temperatures is one of the best ways to save energy, but older thermostats make it difficult. Today’s Wi-Fi enabled programmable thermostats include cool features, such as remote control, that make optimizing savings and comfort easy and convenient.


Occupancy controls

Why waste energy lighting empty common areas, such as restrooms, fitness facilities and laundry rooms? Occupancy or vacancy sensors automatically turn lights on when someone enters a space and switches them off when no one is around. You’ll save energy while ensuring safety and security for residents.

Ready to reach a little higher? Start with an energy assessment of your properties. A qualified professional will inspect your buildings and provide you with a set of targeted recommendations to improve efficiency and comfort.