Energy Management Systems: Save Energy

Revamp Your Energy Strategy

Energy management systems make it easy to find energy-saving solutions.

The first rule of saving energy: don’t use more than you need. That means turning off lights, HVAC systems and other equipment when you don’t need them. But doing it manually isn’t easy; that’s where energy management systems (EMS) come in.

EMS are software-based tools that can help you monitor energy consumption and easily control lighting, HVAC systems and other equipment. With daily system reports, automatic on-and-off capabilities, and alerts and alarms in case of safety concerns, these automated systems can take the guesswork out of energy savings.

With advanced EMS tools, you can:

  • Lower operating costs by up to 30 percent*.
  • Pinpoint which systems waste valuable energy or reduce productivity.
  • Receive alerts about system operations and trends.
  • Automatically implement corrective actions.
  • Extend equipment life.

An EMS can keep your business focused on sustainability, while freeing up your employees to dedicate their time to other tasks.

*U.S. Department of Energy