Beyond Energy Savings: How HVAC Upgrades Benefit Your Business

HVAC upgrades can save you money by lowering your energy bills, but the benefits go far beyond that. Research shows that HVAC upgrades can boost productivity, reduce absenteeism and increase employee focus.

Increased productivity. HVAC upgrades in office settings can lead to higher productivity. Better temperature control has been shown to boost productivity by up to $300 per employee per year. Improved ventilation can increase production by an additional $700 per employee.

Reduced absenteeism. Better HVAC systems can also help to enhance the indoor environment throughout the building, reducing building-related employee healthcare costs by as much as one-third. In schools, research shows that improved indoor air quality can reduce absenteeism by as much as 15%.

Improved focus. Upgrades also can improve focus. The Virginia Polytechnic Institute found that a classroom temperature of 70F°F and good ventilation results in fewer instances of off-task student behavior. If an HVAC upgrade can help keep kids in a classroom focused, imagine the kind of impact it can have in your business.

Choose ENERGY STAR® certified commercial HVAC equipment when you upgrade. ENERGY STAR units use less energy than standard equipment while providing the performance level  you expect.