5 Ways to Save with Smart Technology

Are you looking to increase energy efficiency and save some money? Then smart technology upgrades are a bright idea. Check out these five smart gadgets that can benefit your business.

1. Smart locks

With smart locks, you can give entry codes to employees, revoke access and even lock and unlock doors remotely — all from your smartphone or computer.

2. Smart lighting

Upgrading to smart lighting makes it easy to save energy. Smart LEDs can be controlled automatically, turning lights on and off based on occupancy or visible daylight.

3. Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells can use facial recognition software to let you know who’s at your front door — no matter where you are.

4. Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats make it easy to heat and cool your business remotely. Some devices can even learn your occupancy patterns and adjust temperatures automatically.

5. Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are a great way to increase productivity. They can be controlled by voice command, send and receive notes, dictate messages and give reminders.

Use these smart devices to enhance security, save energy and improve operations at your business.