5 Ways to Save in Multifamily Properties

5 Ways to Save in Multifamily Properties

Making your multifamily units more energy efficient can pay off in higher occupancy rates and higher rents. Here are five ways you can increase energy savings and improve property values.

1. Air seal windows, doors and other leaks. Take some time to caulk around windows and doors and add weatherstripping where needed. It’s a low-cost way to improve efficiency and comfort.

2. Upgrade air conditioning units. Newer ENERGY STARĀ®-certified air conditioners use up to 30% less energy than standard units. Plus, newer units are easier to maintain.

3. Switch to ENERGY STAR. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR TVs and clothes washers and dryers in common spaces.

4. Install occupancy sensors. Don’t pay to light low foot traffic areas like bathrooms, exercise rooms, storage areas and meeting rooms. Add occupancy sensors that automatically turn off lights and fans to reduce waste.

5. Upgrade to LEDs. Swapping out those fluorescent tubes with LEDs saves you up to 30% on lighting energy in addition to making your space more appealing and reducing maintenance costs.

Use these tips to save energy for your tenants and yourself, while making your properties more appealing.