VIDEO: 4 Ways to Save Energy with EMS

An energy management system (EMS) can help save money in your facility by performing four basic functions across a variety of applications.

  1. Control. An EMS controls the building environment by delivering just the right amount of conditioned air, fresh air and lighting for each type of space, always with an eye toward energy savings.
  2. Operations. An EMS will operate your building functions based on a prescribed sequence of operations and control strategies. The EMS will react to changing conditions, like occupancy or the amount of daylight.
  3. Monitoring. By monitoring performance, an EMS can implement corrective actions. All activity is shown on a screen and documented, so you know what’s happening in your facility at all times.
  4. Alerts. An EMS will also alarm and send you alerts that let you know if something needs attention in one of your systems.

By providing control, operations, monitoring and alerts, an EMS can improve efficiency, lower maintenance costs, increase productivity and enhance safety in your facility.