Program News

Trade Ally Exclusive Learning Hub

We are excited to offer our Trade Allies access to the APS Learning Hub, where you can take advantage of a library of online trainings on a range of industry topics and trends. The Learning Hub gives you the flexibility to take trainings when it is convenient for you. And, many of them are AIA and BPI approved.

New and Increased Rebates Available

The APS Solutions for Business program now offers new and increased rebates for businesses that install energy-saving equipment, such as enhanced custom rebates, increased HVAC rebates, and lighting and refrigeration measures available to all commercial customers. Submit your rebate application today. Or contact the program team at (866) 277-5605 or with questions about your project.


Lighting Controls: Calculating the Savings

Controls save energy by automatically turning off lights, but how do the numbers really add up?

Thermostats: A Smart Energy-Saving Upgrade

Save on energy costs and improve comfort by installing programmable thermostats.