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Trade Ally Exclusive Learning Hub

The APS Learning Hub lets Trade Allies take advantage of a library of online trainings covering a range of industry topics and trends. Plus, many of the trainings are AIA and BPI approved.

Log into the Learning Hub today and take trainings on your own time, at your own pace.

Help Customers Identify Opportunities to Optimize Their Efficiency

As an energy efficiency and building optimization expert, you can help your customers identify opportunities for improvement. Get started by assessing and upgrading customers’ lighting, HVAC and refrigeration systems. Equipment over 10 years old is prime for replacement with higher efficiency models. Customers can experience improved operational performance and energy cost savings, and you’ll help them earn rebates to offset their initial investment.


Building Recommissioning: Tune-Up Opportunities

During the recommissioning process, you can improve building performance with these cost-saving measures.

Mechanical Insulation: An Energy Efficiency Bargain

Called the forgotten technology, mechanical insulation can save energy, reduce noise & increase equipment life.

Multifamily Buildings: VRF Systems Provide Comfort

For multifamily buildings, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heating and cooling is an efficient and cost-effective comfort option.

From tax benefits to lower bills, there are variety of ways your facility can benefit from an energy audit.